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    We are regulated by the People's Bank of China(PBOC) and are in partnership with financial institutions around the world.

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    Everything is done online. Keep track of your transactions. No more line up at the bank.

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SkyRemit VS Bank
Traditional Bank
Online Portal
24/7 Support
English Customer Service
Remittance Fee Lower Higher
Exchange Rate Global Market Rate China Market Rate
Required Documents Simple Complicated
Processing Time T+0 ~ 1 Day T+3~7 Days
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1. Open an Account

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2. Send the Funds

Send funds via China bank app

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  • Efficient
  • Convenient
  • Safe

I need to pay utilities every month. SkyRemit is a good tool for me. I can pay anytime and funds arrived so fast!

Financial Practitioners

I have a company in Shanghai, we are paid by the company regularly. But

we no longer live in Shanghai, it’s complicated to get the money out of China. SkyRemit helps me a lot!


It’s simply like an ordinary bank transfer via your banks’ app. It arrived really quickly in my account and the exchange rate is great.

Head of Marketing

SkyRemit is very friendly use. I am headache of providing so many documents via the banks.


I can’t speak and read Chinese. It’s hard for me to transfer funds via bank But SkyRemit is so friendly for its English customer service and interface.

Customer Service

It is really much more convenient than the bank. No need to query up anymore! Really save my time!

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  • SkyRemit is proudly powered by Skyee, as a member company of LAKALA, the first listed payment company (stock code: 300773) in China. We are fully regulated by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. It offers a safe, efficient, and compliant solution for foreign personnel to remit their salaries back to home countries.

  • Our group is a licensed payment company that is fully regulated by both the People's Bank of China (PBOC) and the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department, ensuring our legitimacy and safety. The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has recently implemented a policy that enables licensed payment companies, such as LAKALA, to facilitate salary remittance for foreign personnel working in China. To learn more about this policy, which was released by the PBOC in July 2022, please click here.

  • SkyRemit is available to foreigners who hold an eligible working visa in China and have paid taxes.

  • There is no maximum limit for your total remittance quota, and we will calculate your remittance quota based on your annual income and the tax documents you provide. There is no limit on the number of transactions you can make within your total quota. However, each transaction is limited to a maximum of 100,000 yuan.

  • We currently support over 200 countries and 39 local currencies. Contact us to find out if your country is supported. Please also stay tuned for updates on additional countries and currencies that we may support.