Last week, we announced the SkyRemit 2023 Annual User Awards, and all the gifts have been sent out!

上周我们公布了 SkyRemit2023年度用户,目前所有奖品已寄出!



Congratulations to the users who won the awards again!



And we also received some videos sent by our users to share their thoughts on SkyRemit. Who says this isn't the best New Year's gift for us?

我们也收到了一些客户的视频反馈。谁说这不是给SkyRemit 最好的新年礼物呢?


Let's watch together if you are still hesitating!




At last,



We warmly invite you to share your feedback video! Your voice is incredibly important to us, and we're eager to hear about your user experience and valuable suggestions.



Pick up your phone, share your thoughts in front of the camera about your experience with SkyRemit, suggestions for improvement, or your wonderful memories with us!

拿起手机摄像头,畅谈您对SkyRemit 的使用体验、改进建议或者与我们的美好回忆吧!


Don't forget to send the video to!



We look forward to your sincere and inspiring sharing!