Recently, we noticed that some users have made mistakes when sending money to Canada through SkyRemit, leading to failed transactions. 

最近,我们发现部分用户在通过SkyRemit 汇款至加拿大时,存在信息填写错误,导致汇款失败。




After looking into it, we found two main issues: 

1. People couldn't confirm the right account details.

2. Even when the account details were right, they were filled out incorrectly.


1. 无法确认正确的账户信息;

2. 账户信息正确但填写方式有误。




For example, if the bank asks for a 7-digit account number, but you provide 12 digits (including the transit number and account number), it will be incorrect; vice versa.





Normally, Canadian bank account numbers have 7 to 12 digits, as shown in the table below. 






How to find the correct account details?





Just check your bank cheque. 

For instance, a sample cheque from the Bank of Nova Scotia looks like this:





Transit Number(路由号码): 00001

Institution Number(机构号码): 002

Account Number(账户号码): 1234567


(Sample cheque only; check your own cheque.) 





Once you've got that info, enter it correctly into the right places when you're making a remittance order on SkyRemit.

在获取以上信息后,请在SkyRemit 创建汇款订单,将这些信息正确填写到相应的收款账户位置.




Also, you can check the Swift Code for major Canadian banks (check their official websites for any changes).

此外,您可以查看加拿大主要银行的 Swift Code(如果有变动,请以银行官网为准)。





Following these steps should help you avoid making mistakes. If you can't find your cheque, try logging into online banking or the bank's app, or contact your bank's customer service for help.